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Our Mission

We are here to share with you how you can know God intimately and enjoy the abundant life He gives to those who seek Him. We want you to be one of our prayer partners. Together let's learn to pray prayers that really transform individuals, families, small groups and churches. We can even unite in prayers that will lead nations to repent like ancient Ninevah when Jonah warned them, "Yet 40 days and Nineveh shall be destroyed".


Bible Prayer Fellowship Ministry Presentation by Exec. Director, Bill Price

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In a small town near Seattle, Washington three Christians sat down at a table ready to begin a meeting seeking to resolve a red hot conflict.


Two of them laid their pistols on the table and the third man sat close to the door ready to make a dash to his car for his pistol if things got out of hand.


They were partners in a business they had started with noble aims. They had planned to support missionary work from the company profits, but their relationship had soured.  


Finally, one man took all the company's money out of the bank minutes before one of his partners arrived with a letter from the third man authorizing him to confiscate the company funds.


Only God could resolve this conflict. There was a glimmer of hope because the president of the company planned to follow the principles taught in Matthew 18:20.


20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Dr. John F. Walvoord calls this the strongest promise in the Bible.


A pastor and a missionary were asked to be present and pray. Dr. Joan Mooring, known for her ministry of reconciliation based simply on prayer, had been invited to join them.


This meeting began with the missionary offering an opening prayer asking for the presence of Christ.


Discussion had barely gotten under way when hot tempers flared as heated charges were exchanged.


In the midst of the raging debate Dr. Mooring was asked to lead in prayer.


She was prepared to pray in a situation like this having attended the Flames of Freedom Rally in Ontario where she heard Oliver Price teach the four keys to PRAYING WITH CHRIST OBVIOUSLY PRESENT AND ACTIVELY IN CHARGE.


She offered a long thoughtful prayer based on these four principles for effective united prayer. First, she asked the Lord Jesus Christ to be present. Second, she pled with Him to actively take charge of the meeting. Third, she asked him to change each person there as He saw fit. Fourth, she claimed His mighty power to bring everyone present into harmony with our heavenly Father.


When she finished praying she asked one man if he wanted to say something. He confessed that he had sinned and the Spirit of peace descended on the meeting. Christ was, indeed, obviously present and actively in charge that night!


This is not the only time we have invited the Lord Jesus Christ to come into troubled marriages, churches and other groups. Claiming His promise to be present is so simple and yet so powerful.


Nothing can take the place of Christians meeting together in prayer with Christ obviously present and actively in charge. 
Failure to meet together in prayer with Christ obviously present and actively in charge has left thousands of churches and Christian marriages weak and wide open to Satanic attack.


In a book titled Smitten Shepherds, Paul and Carolyn Wild, who lead a ministry helping pastors and their wives recover from brutal attacks that drove them out of their churches, said that 1,500 pastors leave the ministry every month.


Revelation 3:14-22 actually describes Christ outside the Laodicean church.  That church had actually developed a form of Christianity without the presence of the living Lord Jesus and they were doing so well without Him they never even noticed His absence!


This description fits today’s church in America all too closely.  As author and pastor Tony Evans puts it, “The price tag for this drive-through, ‘McChristian’ spirituality has been weak Christians leading weak families, bringing about weak churches, resulting in a weak nation.”


Even so, Jesus promised that if anyone in the church would listen to His voice and open the door He would meet with him and commune with him (Rev. 3:20). If you see the desperate need to restore the bond of passionate love and devotion to Christ in our families and churches then humbly pray and open your own heart to listen to what Christ is saying.


Seeing the great need for a spiritual awakening all over America and the whole world, Bible Prayer Fellowship is teaching Christians to unite in prayer claiming the presence of Christ to reign in our homes and churches as our Head, change us and bring us into harmony with our heavenly Father.


We are sharing the 4 guiding principles that Dr. Mooring learned from Dad.  We are doing this globally through our website, through conferences by Joe Humrichious and through our literature distribution. 


The principles Joe discussed and that were used to resolve the conflict I shared earlier are outlined on the bookmark next to your plate, and explained further in this little booklet written by Oliver Price.  We are praying that you will let Christ be present and in charge of your life ….=your family, your church and our nation. 


W. E. Hawkins: Founder and BPF General Director (1927-1961)

W. E. Hawkins: Founder and BPF General DirectorBible Prayer Fellowship is the successor to Radio Revival. The late W. E. Hawkins started Radio Revival in 1927. His passion was revival in the churches. He was a man of prayer. You could not leave his office without praying with him. He worked closely with Dallas Theological Seminary and he trained many of the students in practical Christian service.


He sent many students to rural communities to preach in vacant school buildings. This was the only ministry these communities had. He also had a strong interest in building Christian homes. The organization published tracts, booklets and a wall motto to instruct Christian parents in leading family prayers and training their children to follow the Lord.


In 1957 he changed the name of the ministry to Bible Fellowship. This name was chosen because of close cooperation with other ministries, such as, Dallas Seminary, Dallas Bible College, Southern Bible Institute and Central American Mission.


W. E. Hawkins passed away in 1962 and Rev. Oliver W. Price was appointed as the new General Director. Rev. Oliver W. Price has continued as General Director until the present time. There have only been two directors in our 75 year history.


In 1997 the name was changed from Bible Fellowship to Bible Prayer Fellowship. This was done because united prayer in Christian homes and churches became the primary ministry. Rev. Oliver W. Price wrote a book The Power of Praying Together; Experiencing Christ Actively In Charge, published by Kregel in 1999. The late Dr. John F. Walvoord wrote the foreword. Bible Prayer Fellowship publishes monthly revival insights.


In 2000, Rev. Bill Price, son of BPF's General Director, Rev. Oliver W. Price, joined the staff as Associate Director and Web Pastor. Under his leadership, Bible Prayer Fellowship has greatly increased its outreach through its presence on the Internet with our own website. He also authors 3 e-newsletters to pastors, prayer leaders and believers wanting a deeper prayer life.


In 2002 Rev. Oliver W. Price wrote a 24 page booklet Whatever Happened To The Tie That Binds. This ground breaking booklet presents the urgent need to establish marriages that last a lifetime. The special feature of this booklet is a unique message on how to establish and maintain unity in marriage through praying together. The booklet offers a basis for unity and a commitment to seek help if unity is threatened.


Rev. Oliver W. Price: BPF General Director (1962-Present)

Rev. Oliver W. PriceOur General Director and Minister at Large of Bible Prayer Fellowship is Rev. Oliver W. Price. He is also pastor of Metrocrest Bible Church in north Dallas County, Texas. He attended Columbia Bible College and graduated from Texas Christian University and Dallas Theological Seminary.


He is the author of the Leader's Guide Forgotten Secrets to a Live Prayer Meeting - Praying with Christ Obviously Present and Actively In Charge and two books, The Bible And The Church, Which Came First? and The Power of Praying Together - Experiencing Christ in Charge recently released. Pastor Price has also published numerous articles in Moody magazine, Sunday School Times, Bibliotheca Sacra and other magazines.


He edits Revival Insights, a monthly Bible Prayer Fellowship publication with information and inspiration for praying for spiritual awakening.


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Rev. Joe C. Humrichous: 1990 Board Member, 2003 President-Present

Rev. Joe C. HumrichousMy journey with BPF. began in February, 1988 as a pastor. I was seeking ways to lead our church in corporate prayer after experiencing two great moves of God in revival. We were convinced that we needed to become a praying church. The help I received from Oliver Price began my now 20-year relationship with BPF. I was invited on the Board in the fall of 1990, and eventually became the president in May of 2003. I now enjoy giving seminars on corporate prayer as well as develop the prayer life of my own congregation. My wife Teresa and I have five grown children and ten grandchildren. We reside in West Lebanon, Indiana.


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Rev. Bill Price: BPF Associate Director and Web Pastor (2000-Present)

Rev. Bill PriceThe son of Rev. Oliver W. Price, Rev. Bill is responsible for our online ministry at Praywithchrist.org. Oliver and Bill have joined forces to teach "The Power of Praying Together". Following is a clip from a recent article Pastor Bill wrote:


Praying Together with Your Spouse

In practical terms, how does prayer help a marriage? When you come together into God's presence, somehow your guard comes down. You gain a new perspective that allows you to hold your spouse and the things in your life a bit more lightly. God reassures us that he's in charge, that he's working his purposes out in our lives and in our marriages. And that frees us to let go of our need to control people or circumstances.


Louis Evans, former pastor of the Hollywood Presbyterian Church, made an amazing statement. He said that he never knew a couple who went ahead with a divorce after first praying together, on their knees, every day, for a week.


Praying together is both a solvent and a glue. It dissolves resentments and bitterness, and binds hearts in new and joyous harmony. : "It is only when a husband and wife pray together before God that they find the secret of true harmony: that the difference in their temperaments, their ideas, and their tastes enriches their home instead of endangering it.


"When each of the marriage partners seeks quietly before God to see his own faults, reconizing his sin, and asks the forgiveness of the other, marital problems are no more...They learn to become absolutely honest with each other...This is the price to be paid if partners very different from each other are to combine their gifts instead of setting them against each other."


If praying together can restore a marriage about to break up, think of what it can do to strengthen and enrich a marriage that is lacking in communication and intimacy. It is certainly worth a try.


The Bible Prayer Fellowship Board of Directors*:

Name Occupation Location
Mr. Milton E. Jez Active member of Scofield Church Dallas, TX
Mr. Paul O. Price Active member of Bayshore Bible Church Corpus Christi, TX
Rev. Oliver W. Price Senior Pastor, Metrocrest Bible Church Dallas, TX
Mr. Tommy Malone Park Central Baptist Church Dallas, TX
Mr. Tom Bowman Stonebriar Community Church Dallas, TX
Rev. Bill Price Executive Director, Bible Prayer Fellowship Dallas, TX


*Bible Prayer Fellowship is not affiliated with any denomination.

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